What to write in your wedding ‘Thank You’ cards

A thank you card to someone you don’t know very wellthankyou
Dear Mr. and Mrs. XXX,
Thank you for the beautiful vase that you sent us as a wedding prese
nt. I know we will enjoy it for many years to come. It was wonderful to finally get to meet you at the wedding. We really appreciate that you were able to witness such a happy day for us and our families.
Sincerely yours,
(Newlywed names and last name)

A thank you card when you’ve received cash or a gift certificate

Dear XX and YY,
We wanted to thank you greatly for the check you sent for a wedding gift. We are saving to buy a new car, and your gift will help us reach our goal. We can’t wait to take you for a spin around the neighborhood.
Best wishes,
(Newlywed names and last name)

A thank you card for an item off of your registry
Dear XX,
I am writing to thank you for the place setting of china that you so kindly sent for a wedding gift. We now have a service for eight. I’m sure we’ll us
e it for years to come. Wedding china is such a thoughtful gift and an instant family heirloom.
Thanks again,

(Newlywed names and last name)

A thank you card for a donation to a charity
Dear XX,

Thank you for your thoughtful wedding gift to the ASPCA in our names. As you know, this charity is very dear to both of us; they do such wonderful work for all of the animals in our area, as well as across the country. We can’t imagine a more wonderful present than a donation to such a cause.
With best wishes,

(Newlywed names and last name)

A thank you card when you don’t like the gift
Dear Mrs. XX,
Thank you for the wedding present of the velvet painting of dogs playing poker. It is certainly a unique gift; you are always so thoughtful and generous. It was so nice of you to join us at our wedding, and we I hope to see you soon.
With love,
(Newlywed names and last name)

A thank you card for someone who sent a gift but wasn’t at the wedding
Dear Mr. XX,
Thank you so much for the gold-plated doodad you sent us as a wedding gift. It was so thoughtful of you! I’m so sorry that you couldn’t attend the wedding – it was romantic and went just as planned. I’d love to get together soon so you can see the pictures!

(Newlywed names and last name)


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