Pros and cons of digital wedding invitations

Pros of digital wedding invitation:directmail-or-email-both

  • Free or much cheaper than paper invites
  • You save more trees
  • No postage or post office hassle
  • No need for fancy handwriting
  • No need for complicated design, paper, envelope and accessory choices
  • Wont get lost in mail
  • Ability to track who has opened and viewed the invite
  • Unopened and bounced back emails are easy to track
  • Instant RSVPS
  • Guests cannot add extra people because they need to select each individual name in order to RSVP
  • Having a password for website access creates privacy from strangers
  • No need for home addresses of every houshold

Cons of digital wedding invites:

  • Most people are not tech savvy and may become confused
  • Older people find it challenging
  • May go to spam
  • Guests may not be able to RSVP via smartphone
  • After follow up guests tend to respond verbally and adds to your work
  • Nicer templates cost more to send
  • limited design options
  • collecting email addresses may take a while

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