Engagement Ring Sizing Solution: Ring sizing beads

I love my engagement ring but I had a big problem with it… my finger gets a loSpeedBumpst thinner after my joints and the ring kept rotating. I couldn’t make it any smaller even though my finger is a 4.5 and the ring was a 5 because all the tiny diamonds on the band would have become loose as a result of re-sizing.

Another option is the wire bands inserted in the ring which can pinch the skin and doesn’t look so nice… neither does the clunky clear straw looking plastic that can be placed on the band.

Then the jeweler recommended the sizing beads! He said it may hurt at first and I will bruise, but I didn’t! I now have two sizing bumps inside the band and the ring doesn’t rotate. It doesn’t cost too much either. I paid around $30 for the two bumps created by white gold (it helps that my friend knew the jeweler!) so you may pay more.

By the way this is not my ring.credit to forum.nfcring.com



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