25 Facts to know before you go wedding dress shopping

  • shopping-bride-window-1Before you go wedding dress shopping have a set budget and tell them the maximum you are willing to spend
  • Keep in mind alterations will cost a couple hundred
  • Set an appointment so you won’t get ignored in store
  • Wear a strapless bra and proper undies on your appointment
  • Some stores leave you in the dressing room and just enter to zip you up, some assistants don’t give you privacy and are in the room with you the entire time; so don’t feel invaded
  • Most stores don’t offer champagne until you buy the dress
  • Most sample dresses are size 8 or 12 so they would fit more customers. They get clamped up in the back for petite brides
  • Designer dresses take between 5 to 8 months to arrive (beaded dresses take longer)
  • Most dresses need to be hemmed to your height after you receive it (most designers don’t let you order it in your proper height, but petite sizes are a few inches shorter)
  • The bustle of the dress is the way they gather the train to make it shorter for the reception (there are different designs for that)
  • Don’t feel rushed to buy a dress so you don’t get dress regrets but most stores offer discount on your first visit
  • Dress for the body you have not the body you want or think you will have in a few months
  • Most mermaid and trumpet dresses make the bride look shorter because they visually cut on the legs, finding one that elongates the body can be a challenge, unless you are a tall bride
  • Shiny satin dresses photograph bad, so do starch white dresses (they have a blue tone in pictures)
  • Make sure the fabric of your dress is suitable for the weather and venue
  • Get to know your silhouette and what you would like to emphasize and hide
  • You need to feel comfortable and beautiful in your dress, make sure you can dance and move easily in it
  • Ask if you are allowed to take pictures before you visit a store
  • Charge your camera /phone and make sure you have enough memory space for pictures
  • Don’t take an army with you, take 2-3 people along so it won’t feel overwhelming (plus most bridal shops don’t allow children and more than 3 people with the bride)
  • Take a picture of yourself in the dresses you like from the front view, side and back and also the tag so you remember the dress details
  • Go home, look at the pictures and compare the dresses on your body and which one photographs well (it may look way different than what you thought in the store)
  • Don’t try on anything over your budget so you won’t fall in love with it
  • Go to a few stores to be sure about your decision before you purchase
  • Google image the dresses you wore online to see it on other brides and be sure of your decision

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