Wedding Abbreviations & Lingo



AFAIK – As Far As I Know
BM – Bridesmaid or Best Man
BP – Bridal Party
B-Pics – Bodoir Pics
BR – Baby Related
Bump – Bumping a post so it appears first on the forums page
DH – Dear Husband
DIY –  Do It Yourself
DOC – Day of Coordinator
DW – Destination Wedding
E-pic/epic – Engagement pictures
ETA – Edit to Add
FBIL – Future Brother in Law
FFIL/FIL – Future Father in Law/Father in Law
FG – Flower Girl
FH – Future Husband
FI – Future Intended or Fiance
FMIL/MIL – Future Mother in Law/Mother in Law
FSIL – Future Sister In Law
FOB – Father of the Bride
FW– Future Wife
FWIW – For What It’s Worth
GM – Groomsman
IMO/IMHO – In My Opinion; In My Honest Opinion
KWIM – Know What I Mean
KWR – Kind of Wedding Related
LBR – Let’s Be Real
MOB – Mother of the Bride
MOH – Maid of Honor
MUA – Make up Artist
OMG – Oh My Goodness
OOT – Out of Town (Guest)
PM – Private Message
PP – Previous Post
RB – Ring Bearer
RD – Rehearsal Dinner
SMH – Shaking My Head
SO – Significant Other
S/O – Spin Off
STD – Save the Date
TBH – To Be Honest
TTD – Trash the Dress


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