Tips for choosing you wedding colors

paint-color-wheelColor is the most important unifying feature when it comes to the look of your wedding day! It’s natural for a lot of people find that selecting the right wedding color palette can be a bit overwhelming.
Here is a guide to help simplify the decision:

1. Your Location Can Inspire You 

Consider the reception space. For instance, if you’re having a Beach wedding, the natural choices are calming colors like blue or even red to create contrast with the sand. If you’re marrying in a ballroom with brown carpets and brown furniture, lavender or green won’t look good.

2. The Season Can Guide You

A color may work year-round, but pale neutral hues like beige can appear incredibly washed out for during Winter. If you have a fall wedding it may be easier to use fall color tones and decorations.

 3. Check out Pinterest and see what speaks to you.

Create a board with the colors that you adore. You may discover random color combinations that look good together.

TIP 1:

Make sure your color theme is not too girly like a sweet 16. Excessive use of pink becomes very feminine, so you may need to add some navy, black or blue to contrast it.

4.Choose Your Primary Color 

Once you choose your color or colors, it’s time to start thinking about the different shades and tints within that color’s spectrum. If you chose purple, are you leaning towards a darker shade like eggplant or towards a lighter shade like lavender? Some colors like red have fewer hue options.

 TIP 2:

Try not to keep it your colors around 3 if they are in different tints. Unless you are going for a rainbow or fiesta theme.

 TIP 3:

You can use one primary color and add a metallic to it if you don’t want too many colors. For example: White + Gold, Bronze + Ocean Blue. You can then use matte or shiny.

 TIP 4:

Make sure the flowers you want to use come in your color of choice. I f not add a color to your theme or use different flowers.

5. Determine the Mood  

How much energy do you want from your color scheme?

 Light and romantic (pastel colors)?

Vibrant and cheerful (bright colors)?

Modern and sleek (not many colors, one dark color with an accent color)?

6. Consider the Big Picture 

Don’t forget about the big picture. You have a bridal party to dress. Will everyone look flattering in yellow? What would the groom wear? Will everything blend with your venue?

7. Ask Yourself ‘How?’ 

Start determining the ways you will incorporate your palette into your big day. How will you actually incorporate those colors into your big day? Will you add color to the tables with your flowers? Will you have your custom napkins made to match? How much of the colors are you going to use to accent the space?

8. Can You Find Items to Purchase in your colors? 

Make sure that you’re able to find items in the colors that you like that will match or coordinate with your overall palette.

Tip 5:

Be Flexible to change your color if it becomes very difficult to work with it. Worst case add to it.


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