The Sinking-in Process that you are Engaged…

things-hmm-largeIt takes a while for it to sink in that you are engaged. You expect your relationship to be bigger and better. You expect rainbows and butterflies, parties and champagne…

For me it just seems like a received a very nice new piece of jewelry. Nothing changed in our relationship but I to really got to know how much my friends and family care. I felt so much joy, excitement and love, even from random Facebook friends when they found out.And unfortunately, I felt some jealousy from some single friends. I felt uncomfortable wearing my awesome ring when I caught jealous stares from women of different ages and compliments from men mostly saying how stunning it is. A coworker in her mid 40’s response to ‘I got engaged yesterday’ was ‘holy Sh*t! Look at the size of that rock it’s bigger than mine. How many carats is it?’ Some male coworkers acted weird – like they had a chance with me or something…

One of the managers asked the employees to gather around and he told them to look at my left hand, they all started clapping. I felt very embarrassed. Awkward, very awkward.

Someone I only met a couple times in my life wanted to take us out to dinner. And immediately some friends planned a group dinner get together with us which felt good.

My fiances friends seem friendlier and sweeter even though they were always nice and friendly!

What is sad is that you expect some people to be more excited but they act indifferently. Some don’t even ask how he proposed. For me one of those people is an old friend that I thought would be more excited, but her only reaction was to like my announcement, not even leave a comment- seriously? I thought of her as a possible bridesmaid candidate!

I feel like the more people know about the engagement the more real it becomes. But you don’t really feel it till you have some romantic time together and start planning.


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