The Big Announcement -We’re Engaged!

big-announcement-hey-yall2First and foremost you should tell your parents, sibling’s grandparents. We tried to tell as many people as we could in person. Due to time difference and my family living in different countries I told everyone to keep it a secret till I told them. So once the coast was clear I told my close friends and remaining family. I called some and texted some a picture side by side with a ring and without one, asking :’ can you spot a difference between these two pictures?”, I got great responses!

After all that jazz I posted it on Facebook for everyone else I knew.

I am constantly asked to show the ring. About our proposal story, we try not to mention the parts that weren’t smooth and romantic like how I couldn’t stand up because of my sprained back and he had to help me up mid proposal!


First question people ask is: So when is the big day?- well I have only been engaged for a couple seconds so I have no idea! I don’t think anyone starts talking about the calendar once he puts a ring on it. So we answer ‘in 2 years or so’ that way they would stop asking about details we are clueless about. But they still ask why and we answer ‘to save money’ and boom, questions end! Haha!


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