Proposal Ring Shopping Tips

Ring info:engagement-rings2

  • Its common that the ring should cost around 2 months of your salary but it isn’t a law! Designer name jewelers charge waaay extra for their name. For example Tiffany’s silver costs as much as gold in some small local jewelry shops. My man saved a lot by getting my setting from a small private jewelry shop and the main diamond from another jeweler and asked them to put it together.
  • A legitimate source for diamond rings is Costco believe it or not.
  • Try to sneakily borrow a ring from her jewelry box that would fit in her ring finger or ask a friend of hers what her ring size is. There is a high chance it will get resized.
  • If she has small or short fingers try to get a delicate setting and if she has thicker fingers try to avoid super delicate rings.
  • Don’t get something super modern; you can’t go wrong with a classic design. I personally don’t like the diamonds that stick out too much and get clothes caught in them!
  • One solid diamond is worth more than a bunch of itty bitty diamonds. If you can’t afford more bling, get a single stone with a design on the band.
  • You can’t go wrong with diamonds. I know someone that proposed with a pearl ring that was super expensive- fiancé not impressed.
  • Usually the engagement rings are a single diamond on a band. Mostly on white gold. Some bands have small diamonds on them and some rings have a halo setting- meaning small diamonds around the big main stone (like the picture above). In the past few years there are some rings that have accent diamonds on both sides of the main rock (if you can afford it why not?!)

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