Proposal pointers and tips

Wow you are ready for the most important question you will ever ask the love of your life! Congratulations! Here are a few tips to consider for the big moment:

  • You can have a friend or family member that can keep secrets or a professional photographer hide behind the scenes and snap those amazing moments for you. As a bonus: you can give the prints to the bride the day of the wedding, anniversary or engagement party.
  • Pick out a day and time to propose whereas you can have quality time for a couple hours after the big question. I had to go to work the day after, still all puzzled and still in shock.
  • Ask the Bride-to-be’s father for his blessing to score major respect brownie points (and the mom as a bonus).
  • Don’t tell too many people beforehand because you never know when it will slip and ruin the surprise.
  • Make sure she is not in her jammies. You can pretend you are going somewhere nice for dinner because she would like to look her best.
  • Have a cute short sentence or two opening before you ask the big question.
  • Dress nice, shower and choose a nice location.
  • Unless you have physical disabilities getting on your knee is a must!
  • If your partner is shy, don’t propose in front of other people, just have a one on one moment.
  • Timing matters. If she is having a bad day you may want to postpone your great moment.

As I said before, there is a high chance it won’t go as smooth as the scenario in your head. It may be awkward, you may forget your words, you may get overly emotional… Don’t stress it!



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