Proposal ideas

Proposal ideas
Intimate proposal:

  •  Fortune cookie- If she likes them that is. They even sell the silver decorative ones that open in half and she can keep forever and ever.
  •  Scavenger hunt. Have a list of clues that lead to other clues that ends with this one: “Something that is made from carbon lasts forever and you should wear for a hundred years.” And boom you pop the question!
  • On a romantic boat ride watching the sunset. Start talking about the future and how much you love her.
    – Sunset on the beach, discover a message in the bottle you placed before, act surprise. Ask her to read the note while you get on your knee.
  •  Ask her to meet you somewhere whereas she will find you with a bunch of candles and scattered rose petals on your knee (make sure the room doesn’t get too hot for the fire sprinklers to go off!).
  • Pretend you lost your watch or keys and ask her to help you find it. Then she will stumble upon a box with a ribbon. When she asks what it is, pretend you don’t know and ask her to open it to see. While she is checking it out wallah! Ask her!
  •  Get her a puppy or kittens or if you already have a pet or she does put it on the pet’s collar.
  •  You can buy mugs that have ‘marry me?’ written on the bottom of the inside. When she is drinking coffee or tea and reaches the end she will see it.
  • You can get a giant cookie or cake with the question written on it.
    – Ask her to come see a new viral video, by that I mean you made her a proposal video and you show it to her. Sneaky sneaky!
  • Come back from a trip and say you got her a gift. You give her a shirt with Mrs.your last name printed on it.
  • Ask “will you do me a favor?’, once she asks ‘what?’ you ask “Do you think you can wear this for the next 50-60 years? and boom you show her the ring!
  • In a photo booth!
  • At a historical location on a trip like the Pisa tower or Grand Canyon.

Group proposal:

  • Flash mob: You can join a flash mob group and ask them to surprise her
  • Event: At her birthday, anniversary or Christmas, wrap the box and casually give it to her
  • At a public or historical landmark she loves (for example the Statue of Liberty)
  • A mariachi band at her door singing and they ask her if she will marry you and you pop out from behind and propose!
  • Coordinate with her girlfriends to set up a fake girlfriend getaway and surprise crash the getaway with your proposal.

Proposal don’ts:

  • Do not propose at her workplace
  • By inserting the ring in any kind of food
  • Before she brushed her teeth or when you are both hung-over
  • Don’t propose after a sad event, sickness or someones death
  • Don’t propose if you are afraid you may break up and being engaged will keep you together
  • Don’t tell the world and ask them to keep a secret
  • Don’t give her the ring you bought for your ex girlfriend
  • Don’t propose at some one else’s wedding or engagement party

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