Wedding Details matter – but not too much…



Don’t rip my head off when I say details don’t matter. They do but not in all parts of the wedding. Yes, they say it goes by super fast and you want to impress everyone and throw an amazing party. But keep in mind that the only one that cares about the details is you. A sane person won’t count the flowers in your centerpieces or complain that there wasn’t enough drapery.

Put thought into everything but don’t obsess over it. Your Gift card box is only seen for a couple seconds, so there is no need to cover it in Swarovski crystals. Your cake cutting knife doesn’t have to be imported by cakeland hood and you don’t need to have seven different desserts from three different bakeries. The main focus is celebrating the couple getting married with good music and good food.

Write down what you really need, want or would like for the wedding. This way you get your priorities straight. You don’t want to stress yourself about minor details months in advance. You want to focus on the priorities and your marriage and if there is leftover time, add on the wants and likes to your schedule.

Sorry to break it to you, but a lot of things go wrong the-day-of. So it’s good to practice from now so if your cake ends up on the floor before cutting it or your guest has an allergic reaction to shrimp you could KEEP CALM AND BRIDE ON!

Happy Engagement!


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