I’m engaged, now what? 20 Things to do when you get engaged

  1. Call your parents, then siblings and close friends.he_put_a_ring_on_it_banner
  2. Now you can spread the word on Social Media.
  3. Get a manicure. Everyone wants to see your ring.
  4. Insure your ring. (I know it’s awkward to ask your fiancé how much your ring is worth!)
  5. Craft a catchall response. Everyone is going to ask “So when is the Big Day?!” and I know you have no clue so just answer by saying: “We are enjoying the engagement for now, hopefully in a year or two.” So they would stop asking you details.
  6. Perfect your proposal story. Everyone will be asking how he popped the question. So craft a simple version of it.
  7. Go out to date night with your fiancé without talking about wedding details.
  8. Create a rough guest list, to get an idea of how many people you need to invite. This will help you get an idea for the budget and where to throw the wedding.
  9. Set a budget and start saving.
  10. Create a secret Pinterest Board and start pinning Ideas.
  11. Subscribe to a wedding magazine.
  12. Attend a few bridal shows.
  13. Follow some wedding related Instagram Accounts.
  14. Think of who you would like to be in your wedding party.
  15. Start using teeth whitening strips.
  16. Drink a lot of water.
  17. Exercise regularly and tone your arms and shoulders.
  18. Start meditating regularly! Trust me you will need practice.
  19. Have a conversation with your fiance of when and where you would like to get married. Also, figure out if you both want the same thing (like a small wedding or a grand one).
  20. Don’t get into bride mode immediately. Enjoy your engagement for a while before stressing about all you need to do.

Happy Engagement!


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