He proposed!

First of all let’s talk about proposals! were-engaged1

I don’t know if most women imagine how they will be proposed to, but maybe its better that they don’t. I didn’t imagine it but had some assumptions based on my man’s personality and our relationship. I also gave him some hints of what I like. Well, it wasn’t at all where or when I want it to happen. It wasn’t like the movies at all! Also,  I found out that he never paid attention to my random hints in our conversations. I really wanted the moment to be documented in a video or pictures, unfortunately it wasn’t.

It was at my house. I don’t like my tiny one bedroom apartment at all. It was in the beginning of the week; after I came from work tired and stressed about the freelance project I needed to finish and had no energy for it – not an ideal situation. Plus I was in a lot of pain from my sprained back, napping on the couch!

He proposed with an animation he made. It was about some places we have traveled together throughout the three years of our relationship which turned into ‘will you marry me?’ in the end. I was chocked up and needed help to get off the couch and responded with a nod…

My ring is stunning and makes me feel guilty for all the money he spent on it, simultaneously happy about the fact that he got me something gorgeous!

He didn’t need to put a flash mob together – even though it is sounds cool. The proposal should be customized based on your personalities and the relationship you have. Every couple has a special story that most likely is not a fairy tale. My proposal wasn’t ideal but it represented the fact that I was the one he wanted to be with for the next 50-60 years, He loves me a lot and he was too nervous to wait for the weekend or even till my back felt better. He was excited to show me the ring and see my reaction to all the bling. He was ready and didn’t want to wait and that is the most important element, someone loving you so much that he wants to be with you forever!

I’m engaged, now what?


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